Lifestyle Medicine

We focus on metabolomics to monitor an individual’s health and well-being. Our service comprises of a total metabolic health assessment package which analyses hundreds of metabolites and survey for 138 possible conditions, including the most common metabolic deficiencies. These Metabolic Function Profiling Tests (MFPTs) are recommended for healthy individuals who want to take control of their health and fitness by engaging in preventive care. The tests provide individuals with targeted information and insights into disease management and prevention. This helps them to take better control of their diet and exercise to reach their wellness goals.


Clinical Diagnostics

We offer next-generation diagnostics tailored to Asian genetics, developed in collaboration with partner labs through our in-house laboratory, SAM Laboratory Pte Ltd. Our laboratory is licensed by the Ministry of Health of Singapore and accredited by the College of American Pathologists – an internationally recognised laboratory inspection programme, which helps laboratories achieve the highest standards of excellence in patient care. SAM Laboratory is also the only clinical laboratory in Singapore that offers the CellSearch CTC test.